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Bengal Cat
For those who love cats with wild appearance
Bengal cat is included in the exotic animals category, she is looking like the Leopard and the Cheetah  at color and spots disposition (lay out)
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Shark (Retired)
(International Champion)

DOB - 24 May 2014
Shark is a massive male, with very well developed muscles. A real wild man :). The judges praised him for his wild appearance, and his pedigree has the Awagati line.
- from Saphirs de Lune - Franta -

DOB - 28 June 2020
Reno, the Frenchman is a F10 stud, reddish, massive, who will develop even more our Brown line. He came from Saphirs De Lune cattery who brought to the world 19 world champions.
Thank you Pascale Panchaud for this strong boy!
Shark Bengal Cat Stud
(Triple Grand Champion - "TICA")  /  (Champion - "FIFE")  /  (International Champion - "FIFE") 

- from Sofysticatsbengal - Canada -

DOB - 11 April 2016
Batman, or the "gentle giant" has very well defined rosettes, big and curious eyes. He is very loving and likes to be held in arms. His fur has 3 colors. His pedigree includes Dazzledots and Calcata lines.

Thank you, Sophie Calvalido for this very strong boy.
Batman Bengal Cat Stud Romana