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Bengal Cat
For those who love cats with wild appearance
Bengal cat is included in the exotic animals category, she is looking like the Leopard and the Cheetah  at color and spots disposition (lay out)
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Bengal Cats

About our cattery
We are located in Bucharest, Romania. The cats from our cattery originate from top breeders around the American continent - Sofysticatsbengal (Canada) and Europe – Saphirs de Lune and Osiris Bengal (France), Silverstorm Bengals (UK), Ambersands Bengals (Poland) with very well known lines in their pedigree: Awagati, Calcata, Dazzledots, Wild Style. We've selected only those cats that have closed bone structure as ALC, massive, with a very good contrast for both silver and gold types, being friendly in the same time.  Affordable bengal kittens for sale.
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About the Bengal cat
   The Bengal is a hybrid breed of domestic cat. Bengals result from crossing a domestic feline (American Short-hair), with the Asian leopard cat, a small wild cat who lives in south, and east of Asia. A Bengal cat is considered a domestic pet from the fifth generation of their ancestor the Asian Leopard Cat as follows:

Affordable bengal kittens for sale

   Celebrities love the exotic appearance of these cats. Even The British Royal Family have them as pets. The most affordable Bengal kittens have prices around 600 to 1200Eur, while most expensive ones can reach even 5,000Eur. The highest price paid was over 40,000$ in 1998.

   We have affordable kittens for sale with the best breed characteristics at the best prices. Their located in Bucharest - Romania, but we can deliver in any country trough specialized animal delivery companies. We raise the kittens among our family, so they are very sociable and will easily adapt to their new homes. We let them play freely around the house and with our kids. We don't keep them in cages. We are interested in quality, not quantity.
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Bengal cat characteristics

   There are multiple Bengal cat breeds, such as: Brown spotted tabby, Seal sepia spotted, Seal mink marbled or Silver spotted tabby. In order to be an authentic one, it must have spots on the abdomen, black cushions and black tail tip. The best catteries are registered as members of TICA The International Cat Association. So, when you're looking for Bengal kittens for sale, make sure that the cattery is a member of TICA The body is longer, solid and well muscled than other domestic cats. Their back legs are bigger from the front ones, helping them to execute long jumps. Their eyes are bigger and have various colors, such as grey, brown, gold, green and even blue. Bengal kittens have beautiful eyes when they are little. The fur is short, soft, fine and shines in the sun light, so they don't need special care. Fur color and contrast of the Bengal kittens are finalized at the age of 2 years. The stud is bigger than a queen, reaching 5.5 - 12 kg, while the queen reaches only 3.5 - 6 kg. Bengals have an average life expectation of 12 - 16 years. to do and what not, later will be a little harder.

   Two is the number of births that a queen can have in one year, being able to give birth to 4-6 kittens each time. Bengals love to be in the spotlight, always in the mood to play, their also very smart, athletic and agile. Usually they climb to the highest places and use them as observation points or launch pads. And as incredible as it sounds, they love water and they're good swimmers. Not rare are the cases when Bengal kittens followed their owners to the bathroom and stood there until their placed in the tub or sink to take a bath, which is funny because most domestic cats hate water. Due to their intelligence, Bengals become bored unless they have a playing partner or some special toys to play with. They're getting along very well with other domestic animals, even dogs. There can be quite easily trained and learn up to 30 different commands. Since they are young, you can train your kittens what they are allowed to do and what not, later will be a little harder.
- F1 is the result of crossing between Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat (Here the kittens have 50% wild character, and all males kittens are sterile)
- F2 represents the crossing between F1 (female) and a domestic (male), like at F1 all the males are sterile
- F3 is the result of crossing between F2 (female) and a domestic (male), here a few males are fertile
- F4 is the result of crossing between F3 and a domestic. F4 is the last generation of wild animal.
From the fifth generation up a Bengal cat is considered a pet, having all of the domestic characteristics, but keeping the instincts of the Asian Leopard.
   The first controlled hybridization between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat was performed in the 70's by Dr. William Centerwall in Arizona United States of America {Wikipedia}. He tried to obtain a hybrid with the appearance of a leopard and the temperament of a domestic one. These wild cats are usually found in Asian countries, such as Indonesia or The Philippines. The hybridization project was took over by Jean Mill who received the TICA recognition for a new breed called Bengal cat in 1983. The name has no connection with the Bengal tiger, but with the Leopard cat's scientific name: Prionailurus bengalensis. Jean Mill wanted much more than just a new hybrid breed, she wished to obtain domestic cats by eliminating the aggressive behavior coming from the Asian leopard, but keeping it's wild appearance. So, she kept breeding the hybrids with each other until she obtained a non-aggressive domestic pet with a beautiful and exotic appearance. The Bengal cat is considered domestic if she is at the 4th generation from his ancestor.
   Our cattery is a registered member of:
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- TIBCS - The International Bengal Cat Society (
- FIFe - The Fédération Internationale Féline (

Customers who bought Bengal kittens told us how fast they've adapted with their kids and their pets. If our customers are happy, we're happy. If you have any additional questions about our Bengal cats or if you want to know the selling price as well as the delivery cost, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will happily respond in the shortest time possible. Thank you.
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This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.
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Why to become a Bengal cat owner and friend?
The emotional aspect
You will have someone waiting for you when arriving home. The Bengal cat will follow your steps in every room, and will answer when you will call her. More than that she will express itself on different voice tons when you talk to her, and besides the voice talent she knows how to fetch .It will be like having a little dog.
The Bengal kittens are playful, water lovers and they will not hesitate to enter in the shower or to try the bathtub full of water. It is a sociable cat, she reconciles with other animals, especially with dogs. Where there is any chance to play, she will be there. Always near children being their playmate or the guardian of their pencil when they are doing homework. I am telling you from my 3 children’s experience, who are always followed by the Bengals, even when they go to sleep.
A smart cat, a charismatic gymnast, because unlike other breeds of cats she has the behind legs longer than the front ones, helping her making spectacular jumps. Not to mention her balance, she can easily walk on the edge of a window or a door like she is on the floor.
The practical aspect

Her hair is very short, and you don’t have to brush it. The hair loss is very low compared with other breeds of cats.
She washes her hair by herself and you don’t have to bath her, but knowing how much she loves water she might swim just for pleasure.
The person who owns one or more Bengal kittens will recognize all the above :)
Not to mention that the kittens will be a lifetime friends and they will love you unconditioned.
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