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Bengal Cat
For those who love cats with wild appearance
Bengal cat is included in the exotic animals category, she is looking like the Leopard and the Cheetah  at color and spots disposition (lay out)
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(Champion - "FIFE")

DOB - 12 February 2020
Summer is the gentle in motion. She is a warm brown girl with rosettes. Her fur is shining and very short. She is born in our cattery; her parents are international champions. In her pedigree shows Awagai and Dozzeldots lines.

Stud: International Campion Shark of Bengalcat
Queen: International Campion Osiris Bengal Sissiof Bengalcat
Black Beauty
 (International Champion - "FIFE") 
- from Ambersands Bengals -

DOB - 18 June 2021
Black Beauty or The Polish, how it's spoiled, will continue to develop the Silver line. It's a massive female, charcoal silver, with perfect symmetric rosettes and a powerful contrast. In her pedigree you can find the prestigious lines: Awagati, Dozzledots, Silverstorm.

Stud: Silverstorm DARK MOON
Queen: Ambersands SAPPHIRE
(International Champion)
- from Osiris Bengal - Franta -

DOB - 30 April 2015
Sissi, or "The French," is everybody's friend. It's a real therapy to fondle her silky coat. Connoisseurs of the breed loved her excellent profile, contrast and the well-defined rosettes coat. Sissi also boasts a pedigree with famous Dozzledots line.

DOB - 07 June 2013
Lory is our queen, the first cat of our cattery. She has a very short fur, like a velvet and also a very good contrast. The spots on her fur are like drops, making it look like it is in constant move, even when asleep ☺. When pampering in the sunlight, its fur shines. 

Lory is the first cat of our cattery. She has, her hair so short, that, when you pet her it feels like velvet. Her spots are like flowing drops, suggesting she is in a continues move. Its fur shines in to the sun light.
Blanca (retired)
- from Silverstone Bengals - UK -

DOB - 20 July 2016
Blanca, who came from Wales, is our cat that resembles the Asian Leopard cat the most. Her fur is very short, smooth, with a very strong contrast. Her profile stands out by the straight line between nose and forehead. Her pedigree has Calcata line.

I thank once again to Elizabeth Smith for this miracle.

Her parents are the top of Silverstorm Bengals,    
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