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Bengal Cat
For those who love cats with wild appearance
Bengal cat is included in the exotic animals category, she is looking like the Leopard and the Cheetah  at color and spots disposition (lay out)
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Sale Information - Bengal Cat Price

   For You, those who want to become the happy owner of a playful, tender and exceptional Bengal kitten, there is a simple process between becoming an owner, from a desirous person. As the Bengal cats are very special and they do not make too many kittens at once it might appear the situations to have a waiting list for them. In this case, those who want a kitten will be registered on the waiting list in the order they called/emailed and made a firm confirmation they want a kitten. Together with your name and contact details there will be registered your specifications for the desired kitten: color (brown or silver), gender and the purpose of purchase: Pet, breeding or show. The kitten will be assigned in the same order they were registered on the waiting list. No fee is required to be registered on the waiting list. The only request is to let me know in case you will change your mind and you will no longer take the kitten, so I can assign the kitten to other persons who wants it. When the kittens are born I will call/email the people on the waiting list to announce them the happy event and to confirm once again they want the kitten. When they will be one month old I will send pictures of them announcing also what gender they are. The kittens have to stay in the cattery until the age of 12 weeks, age when they will have all the required vaccines and deworming made. To reserve the kitten (until the age of 12 weeks when the new owner can pick it up), a contract will be made and a reservation fee will be paid (Please see “Reserved” status below). When looking on the website, you will find 3 statuses:

- “Available” – the kitten was not assigned to any customer

- “Reserved” – the kitten is reserved for a customer who paid a reservation fee. The reservation fee for the kittens took as Pet is of 200Eur. It might be paid in person or thru bank transfer. After having the contract signed and the reservation fee paid, the kitten is firmly reserved to the specific person until the date it can leave to its new home, not earlier than the age of 12 weeks old. The reservation fee is not refundable in case you change your mind and do not want the kitten anymore. This is because in the time the kitten is reserved I refuse other clients who were willing to take the same kitten. The reservation fee will be refund in case the reserved kitten passes away and there is no other kitten

- “Sold” –the kitten is already at its new home, with its new owner.
   Bengal kittens sold as Pet: 700 - 1200Eur, depending on the quality of each kitten (spots, head line, ears, etc). Kittens sold for breeding/show: set according to the quality of the cat, but not less than 1200 Eur.

Documents for each Bengal kitten:
- Health card
- Pedigree
- Microchip
- Passport (only if the kitten will be taken outside Romania. The passport will be paid separately)

   The Bengal kittens sold as Pet, without breeding rights, will be neutered by the owner after the kitten reaches age of 1 year minimum. These kittens will have the pedigree with specifications: "not for breeding". In case you breed this kitten, its kittens will have no pedigree. The Bengal cat sold as a pet, can have the show quality, the kittens sold for breeding and show CANNOT have pet quality.

Bengal Cat Price

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